The Tourniquet

The Tourniquet saves lives but to do so must be used properly and be readily usable.


Few seconds too long in the case of massive bleeding make the difference between life and death … In this post will not talk about how to use it but of everything else (which is just as important).
In the market there are different types of Tourniquet (from now on I will call TRQ) more or less valid:


from left to right:
C.A.T. Tourniquet
Military Emergency Tourniquet Gen III
SOF Tactical Tourniquet

Once you have chosen a model is important to train to use in any condition.
It is vital to put in the right places and with the right systems on the equipment:

– accessible
– visible
– no locked inside pockets
– if closed (better not) use red color or medical symbol
– conditioned ready to use


from left to right:
Blue ForceGear Tourniquet Now! Strap
Eleven 10 – Kydex Tourniquet Case
215 Gear Tourniquet/GP Holder

on my youtube channel you will find a simple and fast system to do this:

– front, accessible from both the right and left
– above medikit
– in the pocket on the shoulder of the jacket (with a part external and visible)


– always
the TRQ must always be with us even when we are in base without Jacket and Armor (you never know what can happen, a rocket, a shooting, a suicide bombing…)

Within your team or your unit the position should be standardized so everyone knows where to find the others TRQ.
If there are differences in materials (who uses a war-belt and who uses only the jacket) should be sought to standardize the position.
If you just place it on BodyArmor and you are in situations where you use only the war belt remember to change the position.
In my opinion a good compromise is to have a TRQ always in a jacket pocket, a central one on the chest and one on the war-belt.


In addition to the self-rescue Tourniquet is used to help the wounded colleagues .
The standard Tactics usually (depending on the Army) said that the wounded should be treated with the Tourniquet that is on him.
But imagine the scenario:
The wounded man is on the ground 50 meters from us with an amputated leg and is unconscious to the explosion of a mine , we are not under fire , and we can help him , the Standard Tactics said to reach; take his TRQ and treat it.
If we have 2 Tourniquet take one of our 2 and we prepare it already in hand in the last few meters away from the wounded gaining precious seconds ( do not know if we find the Tourniquet on his body also ).Once applied the TRQ and stabilized the wounded we can take her TRQ to reintegrate our used (remember is to be done only if we have 2 TRQ).
It should be noted , however, that having 2 TRQ we always have one of beckup, as in the case of mutilation of a mine is very likely that it will serve two; one for limb ..
Also if you keep one to the right and one on the left you can more easily reach with your left or right hand.


Click Here: the Photo Album of different amounts, positions and types of Tourniquet

See the instructions for the use of their brand of Tourniquet
in the case of C-A-T can be found:

Are also fundamental:
medikit, blow out kit, coagulating agents, Israeli bandage, Celox, QuikClot, RipShears …
but we’ll talk about in other posts!

Bajo Tactical holds no responsibility for improper use of the techniques described and possible damages derived from them.


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HSGI Improved Bleeder/Blowout Pouch

traumaK2 copia

The Bleeder/Blowout Pouch is small but extremely useful (it may save a life) Pouch made by High Speed Gear and allows you to have readily available the basic necessities for treating traumatic injuries and massive bleeding.


A Bleeder / Blowout Pouch is not intended as a substitute to the first aid kit but must serve only for the treatment of massive hemorrhage.
If you will be using the kit will probably in a situation of high stress, probably in inconvenient locations, with the sensitivity of the hands reduced by tactical gloves/situation and perhaps using only one hand.
The concept with which we have to set it up is that if you lose a few seconds more to get an item there can cost you your life then this item will must be included in the kit on the contrary, if the use of an item can be delayed slightly (tens of seconds) then the item will have to find a place in our First Aid Kit and not in the Bleeder Kit.

I precisely for the reasons specified above use it in a minimal configuration with only:
QuikClot Gauze, Israeli Bandage, Medical Shears.
I use the (essential) tourniquet on the center of the chest and i put a second one in the pocket on the shoulder as the SOP (read the article here), otherwise you may attachment it on the 2 sides of the pouch via rubber bands.
In each case the configuration up to the operator and must be configured only with items that you know how to use and which are indispensable!


Externally, I added a small piece of velcro for medical patches, a strip of red paracord to increase the grip on the Quick-Pull strap, and another small insert of red paracord on medical shears strap and snap.
I also added in a side a Retractable Scissor  Leash; very useful because the Medical Shears can be used over and over again and the use of a Retractable Scissor Leash is the only way to be sure you do not lose it.

Thanks to the 2″ wide Quick-Pull strap (high visibility red) the contents of the pouch can be reached in a moment, and even with one hand.

Quick-Pull strap

As the official site HSGI specifications are:
-Measures 3″ x 3″ x 7″ / 7,6 x 7,6 x 17,8 cm
-MOLLE/PALS webbing on sides for additional modular pouches or the attachment of a Tourniquet via rubber bands
-Has both hook and loop w/silencer strip and side release closure
-MALICE clips supplied
-Constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura nylon , sewn with 135/138 bonded nylon threads
-Constructed and made totally with products from in the USA .
-HSGI Lifetime Warranty

Regarding The Retractable Scissor Leash:
-Nylon coated stainless steel cable
-stainless steel spring and hardware
-36” / 91cm Extension Cable
-60 lb / 27 kg Breaking Strength
-6 oz Retraction Force
-Salt Water Proof
-High Break Strength

In conclusion the Improved Bleeder/Blowout Pouch is an excellent product of HSGI.
Severely tested by myself has proven reliability and confirmed the need to always have it with me.

The Bleeder/Blowout Pouch certainly accompany me yet for many years in Bad Lands . . .
Well done High Speed Gear ! !

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Bajo Tactical holds no responsibility for improper use of the techniques described and possible damages derived from them.


2014 Bajo Tactical. All Rights Reserved.