Hera Arms TRIARII silenced possible or not?

For those unfamiliar with the HERA ARMS TRIARII  you can watch these videos:

Given the demand received from several followers that is or is not possible to use a silencer on TRIARII i decided to post the answer in detail . . .

Assuming that the company does not certify the TRIARII for use with silencers now we analyze the reasons (for the Glock model):

1 – Length
The length of 15,6 cm / 6,14 inch from the muzzle of the Glock to the muzzle of the TRIARII is the major problem …

The dart stuck in the barrel makes it clear idea of the problem because with the slide locked open the dart touches even the TRIARII… So a silencer block the firing cycle makes it impossible to the proper functioning of the gun; perhaps it would be possible to shoot (as long as the silencer fit) but the weapon would jam…
2 – Cocking Handle
Another problem is the cocking handle of TRIARII (unlike the CAA RONI) is on the front of the Slide making it impossible to screw a silencer.
It would be possible to mount only having a longer barrel of at least 5 cm / 2 inch than normal but, in any case, it will go back to the problem described in point 1
3 – The dimensions are not enough to use a silencer:

For example, the Ti-RANT 9mm™ Pistol Silencer (AAC) which has a diameter of 1.38” is unusable

No you can not use it with a silencer (perhaps it is by installing a custom +- 12 inch barrel)

10 thoughts on “Hera Arms TRIARII silenced possible or not?

  1. What if you dropped in a longer barrel (threaded) from Lone Wolf and then the length would get you past end of the Triarri. It would add some length but maybe worth a try.

  2. the Design needs a simple modification by Hera, the cocking lever retainer and spring is part of the main reason the fron cannot be enlarged for a silencer, there really is no reason for the coking lever to have the spring if they adapted a ball catch like the FAL. this would free up the front to be widened to take a silencer. Anbody know a machinist?

  3. After watching these videos, I am wondering if the HERA ARMS TRIARII CONVERSIÓN KIT will work for a SD9VE S&W 9mm pistol.
    And if it works, how can a I purchase this kit and what is the price ?

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