Extrema Ratio PUGIO

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The name PUGIO derives from the short-sharp Roman dagger. The cuttlebone shaped handle recalls the long Caucasian knives. This boot dagger is a defense back up knife; the perfect choice for concealed carry. The blade has a hollow grind and the lack of guards avoid entanglement during close combat. The hard sheath has an automatic retention system and comes with belt-lock.


Immediately gives the impression to hold in hand a lethal weapon.
Extremely balanced, dual sharpening makes it highly dangerous the small size makes it easy to handle and extremely insidious.

model: PUGIO
weight: g 165 / 0,363 pound
blade length: mm 110 / 4,3″
overall length: mm 225 / 8,85″
blade thickness: mm 6,3 / 0,248″
blade steel: N690 (58HRC)
handle material: nylon
finishing and coating: MIL-C-13924 Black coating, Desert Warfare


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